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Currently, the state of Minnesota is struggling with an identity crisis. Historically, Minnesota has been known for its strong economy, strong safety net and a high quality of life. More recently, with research and evaluation being conducted under a racial lens, a large racial disparities gap has been identified within labor market participation, economic well-being, health outcomes and many more metrics of well-being.

Minnesota now has one of the largest racial disparities gap of all states in the U.S. The magnitude of inequality in Minnesota has received national coverage.  Olmsted county in Minnesota  reflects this reality with its high levels of prosperity and a large racial disparities gap.

In Minnesota, human service systems are county administered.  County governments in Minnesota are uniquely positioned to respond to the local conditions and community needs. This E-Case will look at Olmsted County Community Services’ efforts to improve its system to address disproportionality.

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  1. Economic disparities in Minnesota
  2. A Region That Sees Racism as a Threat to Its Economy