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Disproportionality Integration Group (DIG)

DIG was developed to address succession planning for John Edmonds' equity work and to institutionalize the systems change he has been leading through his tenure at Olmsted County.

DIG is a cross division workgroup at Olmsted County that focuses on developing strategies to address system and organizational barriers in the area of racial disproportionality as well as the consequences of structural inequity in service provision and outcomes.

The workgroup is made of volunteers from the program supervisor level, along with representatives from two nonprofit contractors . The strategic plan to create the workgroup was to gain buy-in from upper management, the Director of Community Services and the Division Directors. The DIG model works under the assumption that upper management buy-in is necessary for the workgroup to function and middle management buy-in is necessary to develop strategies and create a supportive work environment for frontlines to provide services in line with this new perspective.

The workgroup focuses on:
  • Understanding how disproportionality manifests itself in the organization and developing solutions that align with their department contexts
  • Understanding how their programs can integrate data and evaluation practices in a better, more informative way
  • Aligning program performance and effectiveness with the diverse needs of the client population
The approach emphasizes the incorporation of these elements into managerial and service practices. Through supervisors, the frontlines can be equipped with training and the necessary tools to mitigate the effects of disproportionality and deliver more effective services and solutions to clients. 
John and his team use a number of tools to explain how disproportionality manisfests itself in the organization and the need for a systems approach in developing solutions to address the issue. One of the tools is the 'Johnson Family Narrative​'.

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