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Dissemination and Integration

DIG today has recruited members from the community and other divisions within Olmsted County Community Services.  DIG was was originally conceived and adopted within the Child and Family Services division.  The Family Support and Assistance division, the Department of Community Corrections and the Adult and Family Services division gradually adopted DIG into their work. John and his team are currently working to integrate DIG within other departments and divisions at Olmsted County.

Child and Family Services...more than two years in
DIG was born organically within the Child and Family Services department. Currently, the department has a functioning "team of champions";  one of their early endeavors is developing a training program for staff around historical trauma.  More broadly, the DIG approach has been integrated into the department's interventions, evaluations, reporting, and planning.  
Community Corrections...one year in
Community Corrections has been involved with DIG for one year; currently they are incorporating the approach into how they analyze their programming. They are also working on changing some practices within their department.
Financial Support and Assistance...six months to a year in
Financial Support and Assistance is further along as well. They have begun to identify their "team of champions" - a group that would sustain the momentum on this work. They are also reaching out to John Edmonds and his team for technical assistance on their hiring processes.

Adult and Family Services...six months in
Adult and Family Services is stepping into an uncertain landscape; they are aware they have racial equity and disproportionality issues but have not defined the problem and do not know what the solutions are.

Note: DIG and its work has evolved over time and will continue to do so in the future. This e-case reflects DIG's journey and evolution as of August 2017. As John Edmonds puts it "This is an evolutionary process. The more we go down this path, the more we learn."

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