North Market: Creating Partnerships with Purpose

Design as a Foundation

Before approaching partners, having good design was an important part of creating a concept that people could buy into. The PUC team wanted to present potential funders and partners with something that was tangible, well thought out and looked professional. 

Brand Architecture
The team worked with an Good Works, a division of General Mills to create a business plan that helped outline the mission, vision and values of North Market. Establishing this as the foundation for the project gave the team at PUC goals and guiding posts for North Market. 

Branding Guidelines
As the project moved from idea to reality, Knock Inc, a design firm in North Minneapolis worked with PUC to create a strong branding guideline that has shaped the look of the store and funding material. The Knock team was thoughtful in choosing orange as the store's main color, and the use of the 'vruit' - a small icon that was both fruit and vegetable to promote the idea of fresh and healthy options. 

Design in Use
For the PUC team, it was not just about having good design but also about how design was used to tell story of what North Market could become. Having high quality design gave the community members hope that the project was real and brought a new level or professionalism when talking to funders. From a well designed designed website that made it easy for community to learn about the project, to a funding packet that was visually engaging to funders good design was an important step in building partnerships. 

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