North Market: Creating Partnerships with Purpose

What is North Market?

North Market is More than a Grocery Store 

PUC imagined more than just a place that sold groceries, it imagined a place that could address the greater needs of a community who had long been without adequate food access. With a mission "To Nourish and Inspire Full and Healthy Lives," North Market aims to improve the overall well-being of the community by intertwining quality foods, health services and whole-health programming into a single experience to foster a thriving North Minneapolis. 

Integrated Services
In designing North Market, PUC knew that healthy food access was not the only barrier residents in North Minneapolis faced when living healthy lifestyles. Lack of access to quality and affordable healthcare alongside and the need for support when they faced healthcare challenges like diabetes or heart disease were needs the community had in addition to the need for healthy food. To address this challenge, North Market will have an integrated service model, that brings together healthy food, community wellness and access to healthcare all in one place. PUC staff worked directly with community and health experts to create the programs that would take place in the store, from cooking classes to group fitness classes healthy food comes together with a healthy lifestyle. 

This triangulation of services starts with stocking the shelves full of nutritious food at affordable prices through a partnership with Supervalu. A partnership with North Memorial healthcare system will bring guests access to doctors, nutritionists, health education, and medication pick-up and counseling. Community health workers, provided by PUC, will be available to shoppers to support them by providing health screenings, nutrition and health related education. A community room in the front of the store will serve as the center point for many community based activities such as cooking classes and nutrition programming.  

Thinking Beyond the Shelves
More than a grocery store is goes beyond food, it also means providing jobs and a positive economic impact in a neighborhood that needs it more. North Market will create more than 20 new jobs and employees will be paid a living wage and receive the same benefits as those who work for Pillsbury United communities. While much of the food will be supplied by Supervalu, North Market will have products from local entrepreneurs and farmers. In total, the store will infuse an estimated $3.6 million into the local economy each year. 


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